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  • Folder Inserter Buying Guide in 2022

    Here, you’ll find a folder inserter buying guide to optimally choose the best option for your business to boost productivity and speed of operations … Folder Inserter Buying Guide in 2022 Only 25% of consumers, according to a new Forbes survey, think businesses treat their personal information responsibly. Furthermore, 87% say they'll go to a competitor if they don't think a company is handling their data appropriately. The solution to data protection in today's world of enhanced data security is a folder inserter combined with output management software. However, one should consider a few things before buying a folder inserter. This folder inserter buying guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to choose the best folder inserter for your business. 1. Monthly Volume Every folder inserter buying guide starts with "monthly volume." There is a limit of filled envelopes a folder inserter can produce within a month. Most companies don't reach that limit. However, it’s advisable to calculate the average monthly volume beforehand. If your company has a higher capacity, purchase a folder inserter with a higher monthly rating. 2. Coating and Paper Thickness Another crucial point to be added in this folder inserter buyers guide is checking the paper thickness. Make sure to choose a folder inserter that can handle the weights and varieties of paper you usually use. Think of the popular coating options in your sector, such as matted, glossy, soft finishes, or foiled. The feed tire is an additional factor to consider. A wide feed tire facilitates the handling of the paper, coated or uncoated, and prevents the paper from twisting and posing other issues. 3. Machine Speed It’s the third crucial step in this folder inserter buying guide. Machine speed is the number of sealed envelopes that the folder inserter can create in an hour. Remember that this is the cycle speed and that the actual outputs rely on various elements, including the number of inserts, the degree of application complexity, and paper reloads. 4. Choose Wisely from a Variety of Options A good folder inserter provides additional features like folding the papers. This is an excellent feature for flyers. Therefore, if your company produces a lot of flyers, look for a machine that provides these options. If you’ve some other requirements, make sure to choose the one matching them rigorously to maximize your output. 5. The Capacity of the Feed Tray Any comprehensive folder inserter buying guide will include looking into the features of a feed tray. Choosing a folder that matches your demands requires careful consideration of the feed tray capacity or the number of sheets that can be loaded into the tray. 6. Technical Support and Warranty Maintenance and warranty are two important aspects. Extended warranties and technical and maintenance support are always advantageous. Look for a supplier with technical support and maintenance staff on-site. Inquire about the availability of parts. Conclusion You can improve your company's quality, dependability, speed, and versatility with a small investment. A thoughtfully bought folder inserter benefits your business and guarantees success in your marketing strategy. So, get in touch with Network Digital if you're looking for the ideal folder inserter with innovative features.

  • 4 Common Printer Problems And How To Overcome Them?

    Here, you’ll find common printer problems and their solutions: paper jamming, slow printing, poor quality, and warnings … How to Overcome Common Printer Problems? In 2020, 94.36 million hardcopy peripheral products, such as printers, copiers, and multifunctional devices, were shipped globally. Scanners, printers, copiers, and multifunctional devices increase the efficiency and productivity of a business team. However, just as with any other type of technology, occasionally, you'll get printer issues. Common printer problems impact the performance of the business. Constant failure to solve printer problems can be detrimental to business success. This article will explore some of the most common printer problems and solutions. Paper Jam Without a doubt, paper jams are the most frequent problem businesses encounter with their printers. Although most modern printers are designed to reduce paper jams, they are not entirely jam-proof. Paper jams can only be removed to a certain extent by a machine. Your printer's drawers might be jammed if they aren't correctly adjusted. Whenever there is a jam, the paper is too big or too small to fit neatly inside the drawers. The paper tray should be changed when the form is inside the machine so it cannot move around freely. An overfilled paper drawer can also be a problem. Due to a lack of motivation, whoever put the paper in the drawer overstuffed it. Paper jam problems are frequently resolved by adjusting the drawers, but if it doesn't work, check if anything else is out of alignment. A service call is required if there is an issue with the rollers or another interior component. The Printer is Taking too much Time Speed-wise, not every printer is created equal. Slow printing is among the common printer problems that businesses try to avoid. But you can speed up the slow printer. Try printing in draft mode when you don't care too much about the print quality (let's say you're printing the plan for a meeting or quickly making drafts for a report). Poor Quality Prints We have found that standard printers create prints suitable for general use, but laser printers produce more visually appealing results. In general, print quality varies significantly between printer models and manufacturers. However, you need to do some short checks if you've seen a consistent reduction in your print quality. Check your printer settings to verify if they are accurate first. Start to rectify troubleshooting printer problem by checking if it is in draft mode and turn it off. Verify that the paper type listed in the settings window matches the kind of paper that is now in your paper tray. In addition to these steps, check for debris and misalignment in your inkjet. You can access both through the printer's maintenance menu; try adjusting the print head and cleaning the nozzles. Inspect your laser printer's toner to see whether it has settled. After that, pull the cartridge out, shake it for a short while, and then replace it. Low ink Warnings after placing the New Cartridge When you receive low ink warnings, there is no need to replace ink cartridges right away. Most modern printers offer an ink-level notification that lets you know when ink is running low. However, these warnings' authenticity and accuracy differ between brands and models—some printer issue low ink level warnings before they become seriously low. According to PCWorld, this warning message can pop up anywhere with an ink capacity of 8-45%. You must print until the quality deteriorates or the printer breaks down to determine how much ink is still in the cartridge accurately. The ink cartridge can be removed and replaced after you are sure the ink has indeed run out. Wrapping Up You can contact our team to seek a quick solution if you’re encountering any of these common printer problems. But, if your printers have gone old-fashioned or lack efficiency, which halts the productivity of your business's operations, adding a new printer would be an easy hack. There’s no need to break the bank; instead, you can lease or rent printers from us at the market's best rates.

  • 4 Ways How a Folder Inserter can Positively Impact Businesses

    Here, you’ll find multiple benefits of folder inserter machines in managing and streamlining your operations while making them cost-effective … How can a Folder Inserter Positively Impact Your Business? Are you tired of time-consuming, mindless mail processing? If yes, purchasing a folder inserter can be the ultimate solution. Folder inserters are not only for large corporations, this can be a smart investment to add to your small business. A folder inserter boosts your productivity and helps you streamline your operations. To understand how folder inserter helps you to grow your business, read further. What is a Folder Inserter? This machine helps in folding papers and inserting them into envelopes. Folder inserter machines can be used to pleat tri-fold brochures and organize them into envelopes. The latter aids you in running a direct mail campaign for your office. In addition, the folder inserter is efficient at gathering invoices and putting them into the billing wrapper for a quick, ineffectual end-of-month billing process. Benefits of Folder Inserter Speed Up Operations Time is money, and this is what a folder inserter can save for you. Let’s understand it with an example: you employ a person to fold and insert pages on a permanent basis. He works 6 hours a day and 5 days a week. It means he’ll be investing 30 hours to do this job. In contrast, folder inserter machines can do all this stuff within a few minutes. So, in addition to saving on hiring a person, you’re fast-pacing your operations by chopping down a one-week job to less than an hour. Versatility in Processes Folder inserter machines are ideal for folding a wide range of papers and documents. In addition, these can handle various types of envelopes, thus adding versatility to processes. Save Costs related to Folding and Inserting When you use a folder inserter, you will be able to save money on costs related to folding and inserting. As an example, the cost of paper folders is $0.12 per sheet. For 1,000 sheets, that would be $120, and for 10,000 sheets, it would be $1,200. Now, just replace all this with a single machine which only requires a small investment while exponentially increasing productivity. Improves Accuracy of Work Folder inserter machines can assist in the prevention of mail stuffing mix-ups while grouping them appropriately. These have a specialized barcode scanner to understand the grouping of each document. Thus, it compiles all pages of one set in a single folder. In addition, some machines have features to process documents securely. Such folder inserters help in recording recipient names and addresses. This step adds an extra layer of security and accuracy. Conclusion Folder inserter machines are the assets of the mailroom. With a small investment, you can add quality, reliability, speed, and versatility to your business. The latter positively impacts your organization and ensures your campaign is doing well in the market. So, if you’re looking for the right folder inserter with smart features on rent, contact Network Digital today.

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  • Network Digital Office Systems - New Jersey & NY Office Equipment

    Exceptional Sales and Service for 25 Years Get Your Price Now! Contact For a Custom Quote! Request Service or Supplies Office Copier Lease Special Announcement We have machines IN STOCK available for all new lease contracts with delivery as soon as 5-7 Business Days! Copier/Print Solutions Mailing Solutions Watch Video About Us New Jersey and New York Premier Copier Dealer Network Digital's Sales Executives have over 40+Years of experience providing business equipment solutions. We assist in managing and controlling costs while upgrading to the latest technologies. Our Flexible Rental and Lease Programs are unmatched in the Industry! Call us for a Client analysis on effective Cost Management of your printing, copying, and mailing needs at (973)-882-3000. Office Printer Management Our goal is to help reduce printing costs while creating greater overall efficiency in your organization. Consolidating equipment can not only save you money, but save the environment. Learn More Get A Quote Monthly Copier Rentals Whether you have a company with under 10 employees or a larger organization with 300, we have creative solutions to fit your budget and fleet. Get Your Price Now! Copier Rentals Printer Rentals MFP Rentals What Our Customers Say About Us The staff at Network Digital are the best!! I started working with them over six years ago when they got us out of a bad lease. This is now the second lease we are signing with them, and they are always finding a way to reduce our costs. I would highly recommend, best dealer in the Tri-State!! -Leanne B. Google Reviews "I purchased a machine three months ago, and have no problems. They just shipped our new toner and it came next day! Great price and great delivery." -Megan P. Google Reviews I am new to buying/renting copier machines, and they made it easy. I rented a Konica Minolta machine from here, and so far love their service. They advertise their rental pricing on their website, which was helpful when I was making a decision. Highly Recommend! -Joe C. Google Reviews

  • Printer Rentals for NJ & NY - Network Digital Office Systems

    Color Printer Rental Prices B/W Printer Rental Prices Konica Minolta Bizhub C3100p 35 PPM Color Printer System High Speed Network Printer Prints up to 8.5 x 14 in. Starting at $62.00/Month Get Quote Now! Konica Minolta Bizhub 4700p 50 PPM B/W Printer System High Speed Network Printer Prints up to 8.5 x 14 in. Starting at $49.00/Month Get Quote Now! Network Digital Office Systems Inc. is an Authorized A4 Konica Minolta Printer/Scanner Dealer.

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