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Folder Inserter Buying Guide in 2022

Updated: Nov 23

Here, you’ll find a folder inserter buying guide to optimally choose the best option for your business to boost productivity and speed of operations …

Folder Inserter

Folder Inserter Buying Guide in 2022

Only 25% of consumers, according to a new Forbes survey, think businesses treat their personal information responsibly. Furthermore, 87% say they'll go to a competitor if they don't think a company is handling their data appropriately. The solution to data protection in today's world of enhanced data security is a folder inserter combined with output management software.

However, one should consider a few things before buying a folder inserter. This folder inserter buying guide will equip you with the knowledge you need to choose the best folder inserter for your business.

1. Monthly Volume

Every folder inserter buying guide starts with "monthly volume." There is a limit of filled envelopes a folder inserter can produce within a month. Most companies don't reach that limit. However, it’s advisable to calculate the average monthly volume beforehand. If your company has a higher capacity, purchase a folder inserter with a higher monthly rating.

2. Coating and Paper Thickness

Another crucial point to be added in this folder inserter buyers guide is checking the paper thickness. Make sure to choose a folder inserter that can handle the weights and varieties of paper you usually use. Think of the popular coating options in your sector, such as matted, glossy, soft finishes, or foiled.

The feed tire is an additional factor to consider. A wide feed tire facilitates the handling of the paper, coated or uncoated, and prevents the paper from twisting and posing other


Folder Inserter

3. Machine Speed

It’s the third crucial step in this folder inserter buying guide. Machine speed is the number of sealed envelopes that the folder inserter can create in an hour. Remember that this is the cycle speed and that the actual outputs rely on various elements, including the number of inserts, the degree of application complexity, and paper reloads.

4. Choose Wisely from a Variety of Options

A good folder inserter provides additional features like folding the papers. This is an excellent feature for flyers. Therefore, if your company produces a lot of flyers, look for a machine that provides these options. If you’ve some other requirements, make sure to choose the one matching them rigorously to maximize your output.

Folder Inserter

5. The Capacity of the Feed Tray

Any comprehensive folder inserter buying guide will include looking into the features of a feed tray. Choosing a folder that matches your demands requires careful consideration of the feed tray capacity or the number of sheets that can be loaded into the tray.

6. Technical Support and Warranty

Maintenance and warranty are two important aspects. Extended warranties and technical and maintenance support are always advantageous. Look for a supplier with technical support and maintenance staff on-site. Inquire about the availability of parts.


You can improve your company's quality, dependability, speed, and versatility with a small investment. A thoughtfully bought folder inserter benefits your business and guarantees success in your marketing strategy.

So, get in touch with Network Digital if you're looking for the ideal folder inserter with innovative features.

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