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Copier Machine Rental Prices in 2022? (Updated)

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Here, you’ll find multiple factors affecting copy machine rental prices and how much a copier rent costs you in 2022 …

Copier Machine

Copy Machine Rental Prices in 2022?

Copier machines are the backbones of any business. According to Statista, the sales volume of the copier and printing market touched 107 million units worldwide.

This staggering figure shows exceptional demand for printing machines. Nowadays, renting and leasing business-related equipment are convenient options for keeping cash flow in the pipeline and avoiding capital spending. For that reason, you might be looking for copy machine rental prices to choose the best-suited and cost-effective system.

The copier rental prices vary with multiple factors. Let's discuss these crucial factors one by one, so you can make a well-informed decision.

Factors that Affect Copy Machine Rental Prices

Type of Printer

Copy machine rental prices vary greatly depending upon the requirement of printing type. In the case of black & white, prices are usually low compared to colored ones. In extended agreements, this factor usually diminishes!

PPM or Print Speed

Printing speed marginally affects the overall rent prices. For instance, in the publishing sector, where printing demands are exceptionally high, reliance on low PPM (pages per minute) isn’t a viable option. In general, the higher the PPM, the higher will be copier rental rates.


The standard options that come along with copiers include;

· Basic hardware & scanning (black & white, color)

· Advanced hardware, scanning, & faxing

· Highest quality hardware, scanning, binding, stapling, faxing, bigger paper trays, automatic document management, network capability

More requirements mirror higher rental prices.

Connectivity Type

Many businesses aren’t okay with wire-based connections due to restrictions on movement and usage. If you’re looking for a wireless copier, then make sure to specify before landing on an agreement with the provider. As wireless is a digital technology and offers better accessibility, that’s why such copiers price higher.

The Volume of Monthly Print

The monthly print requirement is an important factor when choosing a copier. This factor significantly impacts copy machine rental prices. The higher the monthly volume, the greater will rental cost and vice versa.

How much does it Cost to Rent a Copier?

Now you know all the components that can influence the rental cost of the copier. By incorporating all these factors, here’s what copy machine rental prices look like;

Copier Rental Price

Copier Service and Supplies for Rentals

Base copier machine rental pricing does not include the cost of service and supplies for the equipment. Vendors will typically put together a package for customers that includes, service, maintenance, toner, parts, and labor for the deal. The cost of these programs must be added to the rental price.

Typically a business printing 2,000 B/W pages and 500 Color pages can expect to pay around $50.00 per month additional for this service coverage.

Cost Per Copy Agreements usually is $0.01 for B/W Pages and $0.06 for Color Pages.

Wrap Up

The demand for renting printers and copiers is increasing rapidly. Instead of outlaying a significant chunk of the company’s capital, nowadays, businesses prefer to rent or lease these machines from reliable providers.

Network Digital is specialized in renting, leasing, and selling quality copiers and printers for the last 25 years. We ensure high-quality equipment designed with the most advanced technologies. Whether you run a house office, small business, or large enterprise, we have solutions for your every need at the industry's best rates!

Contact us now to get the premium equipment at a fraction of the price!

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