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6 Proven Benefits of Postage Machines for Small Businesses

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Here, you’ll find multiple benefits of postage machines to revamp accuracy and efficiency and ensure cost savings for small businesses

Postage Machine

6 Proven Benefits of Postage Machines

Running a small business is all about being able to get more work done at minimum costs. In reality, this is difficult to achieve, as most small businesses end up spending extra money due to some misperceptions. Yes, you read that right.

One of the most common misperceptions is regarding the benefits of postage machines. Many business owners think they are of no benefit as they only add extra costs to their budgets, but that is not the case. This article lets you know why buying/renting/leasing postage machines for small businesses is a great decision.

Cost-Effective Solution

Postage machines are precise and accurate, which means they will exclude the probability of overestimating the number of outgoing postages. You can save a half-cent per letter if you have a postage machine for your small business. Half a cent might seem like a tiny amount, but this amount will be in the thousands depending upon the number of outbound postage letters per year.

In addition, postage machines automatically keep a check on the amount you pay for each postage. They also aid in scheduling and planning budgets by tracking and reporting postage costs on different clients and teams.

Get Rid of Mail Theft

You may be shocked to learn that mail thefts have surged by 600 percent in the past few years. So yes, the numbers are unbelievably high, which means you should not be taking any risks that can harm your business.

That's where the benefits of postage machines come to the rescue, as they keep everything safe and sound in your lockable meter. In short, it adds an extra layer of safety by minimizing physical interventions.

Save your Time

Mailing in bulk consumes a lot of time which significantly halts workplace efficiency. The key to productive business growth is getting the work done in minimum time while making no compromise on quality, and a postage machine for small businesses can surely do it.

From sticking stamps and printing postages to calculating rates and sealing envelopes, there's nothing that a postage machine can not do. That, too, in a matter of seconds.

In addition, you don't need a particular person to handle and queue postages. Isn't that incredible?

Postage Machine

Extremely Convenient

Are you tired of the never-ending post office runs to buy stamps? If yes, then you have already gotten a solution to this problem, i.e., postage machines. You can download your postages whenever you want through your postage machines, and there's no need to make any more post office runs.

Increases Accuracy of Mailing

To revamp the accuracy of your mailing system, you can add a return address on the envelope using a postage machine to collect back undelivered mail seamlessly. Using the data, you can conveniently update your mailing database.

Resultantly, you'll be improving the accuracy and efficiency of your promotional campaigns and minimizing capital lost on subsequent mail-outs. This is one of the top benefits of postage machines as it ensures savings, precision, and efficiency.

Easy Promotion of Your Business

One of the exciting benefits of postage machines is that you can print a logo or your brand message on envelopes to promote your brand effectively. There is no need to store tons of pre-printed envelopes as the postage machine does it automatically.

Even some companies use this opportunity to share promotional messages and news about upcoming ventures with their valuable clients.

Ultimately, these steps will enhance the brand value and help your business stand out among others.


Now you know why getting a postage machine for your small business will bring nothing but exponential growth.

However, to enjoy these benefits of postage machines, you've to make sure that you make no compromise on quality when it comes to buying/renting/leasing a postage machine.

Finding reliable retailers is arduous, but we are here to make it easy for you through

Network Digital Office Systems Inc.

Check out the premium quality postage machines and decide according to your preferences!

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