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5 Point Copier Maintenance Checklist

Updated: Nov 23

Here you’ll find a crucial photocopier maintenance checklist to ensure optimal functioning of the machine, thus increasing productivity & reducing extra costs …

Copier Machine

5 Point Copier Maintenance Checklist

Copier machine maintenance is vital for the proper functioning of any business. It not only guarantees higher-quality copies but also lessens the frustration due to disruptions in daily operations.

According to Gartner, 50 percent of help desk calls are usually related to copiers and printer-based issues. This means a single day of malfunctioning can cause massive losses to your business.

This is why regular maintenance of copier machines is unavoidable. In addition, routine upkeep increases the durability and lifespan of these machines, thus saving you from capital costs.

Below are the top 5 maintenance tips for keeping your photocopier in excellent condition.

1. Go through the Instruction Manual

In addition to basic machine maintenance ways, there may be particular techniques or methods of use and maintain each model. By reading the manual, you will be able to use it correctly and prevent service disruptions and jams. In case of a machine malfunctioning, this manual would be your first stop to repair it quickly. Make sure to keep it near the copier so it is easily approachable in emergencies.

2. Cleaning the Glass is a Must

The most delicate part is the top glass, where you keep all your documents to be copied. Due to the high level of use, their regular maintenance is inevitable. This glass needs to be cleaned at least once a day because high amounts of dust and filth quickly accumulate on it. If not, your copies will start to show streaks or smears.

3. Check the Ink Cartridge Head & Drum

The third point in the photocopier maintenance checklist is to take the time to clean the ink cartridge head along with other internal components. If ignored, dust and grime would accumulate, thus harming the overall quality of your copies.

In addition, maintenance of the drum is also important. Drum basically takes ink from cartridges and sprinkles them on paper to make a print. You can always use a damp cotton pad to thoroughly clean the area and wipe out debris and dust particles.

Copier Machine

4. Keep the Paper Rollers Clean

Frequent paper jams are annoying to handle, and their impact on the productivity of any operation is significant. One of the major reasons behind these jams is the dust that accumulates in paper rollers. Once accumulated, it hinders the smooth movement of paper, thus resulting in jams. Simply wipe the paper rollers with a lint-free cloth to maintain your copier.

5. Use the Proper Components and Paper

Using incorrect components or paper in the machine is a fairly prevalent source of photocopier issues. The copier will either slow down its optimal functioning or stop working altogether. For instance, your copier might not properly handle certain paper types. It will jam if you insert anything too heavy or thick. Always use the appropriate parts for your specific machine to aid with photocopier maintenance.


Your business is investing in either purchasing or renting copier machines. Thus following the above-mentioned photocopier maintenance checklist is always a good idea to save money and ensure productivity.

The ideal thing you can do for your machinery is to plan its routine maintenance. Make sure you're bringing in experts too, when necessary. Call Network Digital at (973)-882-3000 if you need any assistance with your photocopying needs. We have the skills and services you can depend on.

Get in touch with us right away to learn more about how our cutting-edge services may benefit your business.

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