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4 Ways How a Folder Inserter can Positively Impact Businesses

Updated: Nov 23

Here, you’ll find multiple benefits of folder inserter machines in managing and streamlining your operations while making them cost-effective …

Folder Inserter

How can a Folder Inserter Positively Impact Your Business?

Are you tired of time-consuming, mindless mail processing? If yes, purchasing a folder inserter can be the ultimate solution. Folder inserters are not only for large corporations, this can be a smart investment to add to your small business. A folder inserter boosts your productivity and helps you streamline your operations.

To understand how folder inserter helps you to grow your business, read further.

What is a Folder Inserter?

This machine helps in folding papers and inserting them into envelopes. Folder inserter machines can be used to pleat tri-fold brochures and organize them into envelopes. The latter aids you in running a direct mail campaign for your office.

In addition, the folder inserter is efficient at gathering invoices and putting them into the billing wrapper for a quick, ineffectual end-of-month billing process.

Benefits of Folder Inserter

Speed Up Operations

Time is money, and this is what a folder inserter can save for you. Let’s understand it with an example: you employ a person to fold and insert pages on a permanent basis. He works 6 hours a day and 5 days a week. It means he’ll be investing 30 hours to do this job. In contrast, folder inserter machines can do all this stuff within a few minutes.

So, in addition to saving on hiring a person, you’re fast-pacing your operations by chopping down a one-week job to less than an hour.

Versatility in Processes

Folder inserter machines are ideal for folding a wide range of papers and documents. In addition, these can handle various types of envelopes, thus adding versatility to processes.

Folder Inserter

Save Costs related to Folding and Inserting

When you use a folder inserter, you will be able to save money on costs related to folding and inserting. As an example, the cost of paper folders is $0.12 per sheet. For 1,000 sheets, that would be $120, and for 10,000 sheets, it would be $1,200. Now, just replace all this with a single machine which only requires a small investment while exponentially increasing productivity.

Improves Accuracy of Work

Folder inserter machines can assist in the prevention of mail stuffing mix-ups while grouping them appropriately. These have a specialized barcode scanner to understand the grouping of each document. Thus, it compiles all pages of one set in a single folder. In addition, some machines have features to process documents securely. Such folder inserters help in recording recipient names and addresses. This step adds an extra layer of security and accuracy.


Folder inserter machines are the assets of the mailroom. With a small investment, you can add quality, reliability, speed, and versatility to your business. The latter positively impacts your organization and ensures your campaign is doing well in the market.

So, if you’re looking for the right folder inserter with smart features on rent, contact Network Digital today.

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