DNS Update Required

We're sorry, but it seems that your DNS information was not updated by the required date. Please find the following information to help you make the changes as soon as possible.

The usage of an Address (A) record is to be deprecated - please DO NOT use the A record to point to your StructuredWeb hosted site.

The only supported record is a CNAME record to site.structuredweb.com. This record is maintained by StructuredWeb and is guarenteed to point to your site hosted with StructuredWeb.

Examples of correct records:
1) wildcard - any sub-domain of mysite.com (including www.mysite.com) should point to StructuredWeb hosted site.
*.mysite.com        CNAME   site.structuredweb.com

2) specific record - if you only need one specific sub-domain to point to StructuredWeb hosted site.
sw.mysite.com        CNAME   site.structuredweb.com

3) wildcard on a sub-domain - any sub-domain of a sub-domain of mysite.com should point to StructuredWeb hosted site.
*.sw.mysite.com        CNAME   site.structuredweb.com

If you need the top level domain (e.g. mysite.com) to also point to StructuredWeb, you cannot use a CNAME record on the top level domain because of DNS standards limitation, In that case you need to ask your registrar which hosts your website address to create a URL forwarding to your top level domain so it redirects to a valid sub-domain which uses the CNAME. There is no standardized syntax for URL forwarding so you will need to work with your registrar.

*.mysite.com        CNAME   site.structuredweb.com

mysite.com  ==> URL forwarded to ==>  www.mysite.com

If you have any questions, you can contact our support at service@structuredweb.com or by calling 888-584-6480.