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The facsimile machine is used in just about every business around the world. From large to small businesses, the “fax machine” as it is called has become as popular as having a telephone. Most businesses would think twice about doing businesses without one. Having a fax machine is a very convenient way to communicate with clients, vendors, suppliers and the public-at-large.


Shopping For a Fax Machine


When looking for a fax machine a business should look for a machine that has fast transmission speed. It is important that the fax be sent quickly if your business does a lot of faxing.  Most fax machines will list specs on how quickly they send a fax. A business wants each fax to be sent just as quickly as possible. The days when you would stand by the fax machine, waiting for it to go through are long gone. Now it is important for faxes to go through speedily and for your machine to be ready to take the next one.


Another factor to consider is how high the resolution on your intended fax machine is. For example, something with 600 dpi (dots per inch) resolution is a high resolution number that means that your images will be clear on your fax and faxes will be easy to read. A very important thing to consider about your resolution is that a high resolution will also mean that people will be able to read any handwritten notes you send to them. Often people will comment on a document and send it back. Or they sign a contract or other document and send it back. It is critical that the receiver be able to read the document you are sending.



Looking At Your Business Wants and Needs


Many businesses also look for fax machines that offer the ability to fax in color. While this is not a feature that every business needs, it can be very useful if you find that you will be faxing graphics, or receiving photographs over the fax machine. Some people that you send faxes to may have older fax machines that do not have a color capability so they will not be able to read your color fax but will only see it in black and while. Some businesses that have a color fax machine do not add a color cartridge to save money; they keep only a black ink cartridge in their machine. But if your business is in an “image” related business such as marketing, public relations or advertising then using a color fax machine could be very useful and even necessary for your business.


Many fax machines also have the ability to save fax numbers. This is a very convenient feature that helps you connect with other businesses easily. You will not have to remember other business fax numbers and they will be easily available if you want to have the capability of sending out a “fax blast” to every fax number that you have stored in your machine.  If you need to send out company news or a press release it can be very helpful to you. A facsimile machine is an important part of any business and the right choice can help to make running your business easier.


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